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Private 101 Consultation

When you schedule a consultation, you get up to 90 minutes of one on one babywearing attention. This can be done in your home or at our shop, The Cozy Kangaroo. Totally up to you. If you need help finding the perfect carrier or you already have a carrier and want to learn how to use it or learn tricks help make your babwearing experience the best, this is perfect for you!


Babywearing 101 Workshop

Babywearing 101 is perfect If you have a small group or baby shower and would like to learn everything there is to know about babywearing. Consider this your starting point as you begin your babywearing journey. Our intensive workshop covers the basics of babywearing, how to go about choosing the ideal carrier, along with the benefits of babywearing and how to wear your baby safely. I will also be demonstrating a few of the popular carriers throughout the workshop and participants can try on as many carriers as they would like in order to find one that works best for them.


Wraps & Ring Slings 101

Wrapping your baby in a woven wrap and snuggling up in a ring sling can be so much fun and a great way to bond with your new baby or overtired toddler! Learn the essentials of using a woven wrap and a ring sling by attending this workshop. Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned babywearers and pairs well with the baby shower you’ve been working so hard to plan. We will go over several easy front and hip carries including: Front Wrap Cross Carry, Pocket Carry, Kangaroo Carry and Robin’s Hip Carry. Don’t have a sling? That’s ok. We have several you are welcome to use.


Babywearing 102 Workshop

This class is a step up from our Babywearing 101 class. We dive right into more advanced hip and back carries like the Rucksack, Double Hammock and a variety of rebozo carries. This class is more advanced than our other class so it’s important that you attend Babywearing 101 before attending Wrapping 102. Your child should also be able to sit unassisted before trying to wrap on your back.