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—  All about grandparents  —


Congratulations on becoming a grandparent!


This journey you are on is such a big deal and we want to support you.

There’s nothing more exciting than the birth of a new baby. What’s even more exciting is watching your own child bring a new baby into the world. There’s no doubt that being a grandparent is one of the most rewarding roles there is but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. 

This 2.5 hour fun and interactive workshop will help bridge the generational gap, introduce current feeding recommendations, dispel any myths surrounding parenting and get you up to speed on the ever evolving world of parenting.


Social Media

Understanding the “Modern Parent”
Navigating online relationships with adult children
Social media etiquette
To share or not to share? Understanding proper sharing etiquette
Helpful tips on communication


Having a Baby Today

The modern parent’s resource list
“Honey, we’re pregnant!”
What’s a doula?
Celebrating the growing bump
It’s all about pampering
Birth planning and the modern parent
Generational differences regarding pregnancy and birth
Navigating the labor room


Newborn Feeding

Formula feeding and breastfeeding
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations
How breastfeeding works
How to support and encourage the mother
Infant stomach size
Breastmilk storage guidlines
Warming breastmilk
Infant poo – What it looks like and how much to expect


Caring for the Family After the Birth

Ways your adult children may ask for help
Finding the perfect balance with your children and the new family dynamic
Parents returning to work and how to help them most
The gift of the postpartum doula


Newborn Care

Skin-to-ski – “The Golden Hour”
Placenta encapsulation
Cord care
Tips for effective handwashing
Bathing the newborn & what to avoid using
Cloth diapering 101
Tips to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Car seat safety
Safety standards regarding cribs and toys


Enjoying Your Grandchild

How to be the best grandparent possible
Ways to connect with your new grandbaby
Sharing your history with your grandchild
Finding the balance between offering support and offering advice
Pets, grandchildren and safety in your home