The Best-Kept Not-So-Secret in Pregnancy: Webster Technique

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The best-kept not-so-secret in Pregnancy comfort is within reach.

Chiropractic care has long been a controversial subject when it comes to treating pregnant individuals. While there is some truth to the fact that expectant mothers shouldn’t see any chiropractor, the benefits of seeing a Chiropractor with additional training in the Webster technique is clear.

Overall, most patients report a decrease in their discomfort. If that’s not worth it, there is also anecdotal evidence that suggests alignment of the pelvis can help your baby get into a good position for birth and some patients have even begun labor soon after seeing their chiropractor!

Want to give Natural Induction a try? A Chiropractor may just be your answer!

The Webster Technique is a highly specialized method of treating those carrying a baby. By using modified positions, avoiding some areas, and adjusting the pelvis, your Chiropractor may be able to help you ease things like sciatic pain and general discomfort as your baby grows.

Your little one grows through your entire pregnancy.

(Yes, this is an obvious statement).

This combined with the hormone Relaxin can wreak havoc on your body. Relaxin is the hormone responsible for telling your joints and ligaments to loosen and allow for movement as your baby gets bigger and bigger. It’s responsible for incredibly fun things like your hips spreading but can also lend itself to the “unstable” feeling pregnant individuals often feel.

Bearing this in mind, Webster Certified Chiropractors know just how to work with your ever-changing joints and ligaments to ensure the safety of both you and your baby.

Now, there is a community that would have you believe that Chiro care is “snake oil” and there’s no reason you need it. If that’s you, fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, right?

However, Uptown Doula doesn’t subscribe to that. We love Chiropractors for quite a few reasons, including the fact that our clients have seen awesome results by seeing one regularly. Chiropractors are real-life doctors!

Yes, that type of doctorate.

In order to become a Chiropractor one must complete around 3 years of undergraduate education before entering a program to receive their Doctorate. They typically take 4 years to complete on top of the 3 years of undergrad. A Chiropractic degree requires education in anatomy, physiology, and biology as well as business practices and finance. They’re also supervised in a clinical setting before graduating.


They have to sit for a licensing exam! Not all Chiropractors are created equal and they aren’t legally allowed to treat patients until they’re both educated and licensed.

Basically what we’re saying is this: Chiropractors are legit.

They’re also not all created equally which is why we make sure to let our clients know that it’s important to seek out one who is specifically trained in the Webster Technique. The training involves ongoing reporting of findings as well as tests to maintain membership and ensure that everyone practicing the technique are up-to-date on new developments and the latest safety procedures.

Feeling the struggle of pregnancy wearing on your body? Can you guess what we’re going to recommend?

Seek Chiropractic care!

Oh, you’re looking for a recommendation?

Never fear! We have an amazing one.

Dr. Stefanie Gross is the one you want to see. Not only is she an ICPA Certified Chiropractor (meaning she can see you and your baby), she’s also a doula. You can probably imagine why we love that. Between growing up under chiropractic care and training extensively to promote wellness in families and children, she’s the perfect match for yours.

And, no, we’re not being paid to say this. We just love her!

If you’d like more information or to contact her, reach out to Adjusting the World Chiropractic in Huntersville, NC. You can find them at

All-in-all, we’ve seen excellent results in reduction of pain and facilitation of labor through the Webster Technique. Whether you’re looking for Natural Induction options or just a way to keep your active mom lifestyle, Chiro care may be a great fit for you.