I Want to be Daniel Tiger's Mom

Photo Credit: https://www.fredrogers.org/

Photo Credit: https://www.fredrogers.org/

Who is your mom hero?

Mine is easy and also doesn’t actually exist. My mom hero?

Daniel Tiger’s mom. Easy answer.

First of all, Daniel and Margaret are adorable. They’re always dressed, bathed, fed healthy foods, and learning important life lessons. While they learn them everywhere, their mom is always there with a calm word and a song to help them.

Daniel’s mom (whose name is actually Collette, fun fact!) is always there with a kind word and a tune to sing. She gets two kids, a baby and a toddler, no less, ready for the day without tears, angst, or frustrated words. She never gets angry, she meets her offspring with an incredible amount of kindness even though she’s asked her son to put his shoes on literally 10 million times.


If you’ve ever parented a baby and a preschooler you know that shit’s hard. Dealing with a teeny human and a slightly-less-teeny human is a whole thing. Between getting dressed, the resistance to getting dressed, mealtime, the resistance to mealtime...I think you see the pattern...getting two small ones ready and out the door can be a nightmare. Daniel Tiger’s Mom, however? She somehow always responds in kindness.


Can we talk about her voice? She’s literally constantly kind. Her voice communicates kindness, love, and support each and every freaking time. She has a soothing, perfectly motherly voice that makes us want to either fall asleep or roll our eyes. We’re not sure. Probably both.

Literally, how?

We’re doulas here, let’s chat about pregnancy and childbirth. Momma Tiger carried that baby with more grace than we’ve probably ever seen. She then birthed that baby and walked home. Genuinely impressed (and don’t recommend, to be honest, but we digress). She was an inspiration of calm, even when she knew she was bringing Baby Margaret into the world that day!

Remember Banana Swirl?? That’s some Pinterest Mom shit. How were we supposed to know you could freeze bananas and fool your kids into thinking it was actual ice cream? We’re literally still not sure that would fly in our house. So not only is she brilliant, she’s brave AF for trying that one.

Basically she’s our shining example of what a mom should be. Kind, loving, patient, always ready with a teaching moment, and adorable. Thank you, Mama Tiger, for showing us all what we should aspire to (and how to be kind to ourselves when we mess up).