Stop Buying Lame Gifts: A Gift Guide for Modern Moms

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Gone are the days of buying frilly, unnecessary gifts. You’re a smart gift-giver and you know that there are things way better than doilies and aprons as gifts for a new mom. You are also probably busy and hoping to find a clever and useful gift like right now.

We got you!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite things to give new moms so you don’t have to worry about the idea. (Don’t worry, you can still take credit.)


1. Food


If you want to be the real hero, gift food. Food will always be the quickest way to someone’s heart, especially a new family’s. Of course meal trains are a staple of welcoming any new baby but what happens when the train hits the end of the line? That’s where you come in.


Gifting freezer meals is an incredible way to stock a new family for their upcoming long days and long nights. Imagine, after hours of dealing with a crying baby, partner comes downstairs and pops something completely homemade and in a disposable pan from the freezer to the oven, stumbles back to their newborn, dozes off for a moment and awakes to the smell of dinner. Magical. Other magic options include restaurant gift cards, paying for a Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop, or even stocking up on snacks! Lots of people bring full meals (which is awesome) but think of all the snacks a hungry family will need while taking care of their little one. They’ll eat a granola bar and smile, thinking of you.


2. Booze


Okay, parents, let’s get real. After living life for all the bright, sunshine-y hours of the day, we could all probably use a drink. Right?


Yes, we’re right.


What better thing to gift a parent who needs a little break than a subscription to a wine or beer service? Every month a little cheer will be delivered to their doorstep reminding them of how thoughtful and amazing their friends and family are. They may even toast in your honor! This one is a home run for sure.


3. Memory Book


The days are long but the years are short. Time flies so quickly when you have a baby and with that time flies brain cells. Sleepless nights, resting and healing days, and just general day-to-day often leaves parents shocked when they can’t remember their 5-year-old as a baby. A sweet, thoughtful gift to help them recall the sweet moments is a memory book. Something simple they can just quickly write down milestones or sweet moments.


4. Devotional Book

Self-care often goes out the window when a new baby enters the scene. A lovely way to remind new parents to stop and think for a minute is some sort of daily journal. Whether it’s a faith-based devotional, a book of positive parenting affirmations, a daily calendar with words of encouragement, or even a book put together with encouraging letters from friends and family, a book of inspirational messages can be just the thing to help parents redirect their mind for a minute.


5. Moms Night Out


Take your new mama friend out for a Mom’s Night Out! What better gift than the gift of fun with friends? If she’s up to leaving baby with someone, go out dancing! Take her out on the town and let her get a few hours of life as a woman, not a mom. We’re quick to lose ourselves in motherhood, an incredible way to gift someone is to remind them that they’re a person too!

Maybe she’s a stay in type of woman. Easy. Grab a few friends, let partner know they’re on baby duty, and have everyone bring a dish for a fun, low-key potluck. You could even make them themed! Does your friend have a Rachel Green obsession? Throw Friends on the TV and have everyone bring a themed dish to match. Game of Thrones more their speed? How about some Chicken LittleFingers? get the idea.

Other fun options for nights out might be a progressive meal (drinks at one place, apps at another, etc) around a certain neighborhood, a brewery tour, or even a wine tasting. The possibilities are endless. BONUS: Plan these nights in advance and gift your friend with a list of outings and the proposed dates.


6. Baby Carrier

One of the most useful baby-related gifts that a parent could own is a baby carrier. Even the sweetest babies have hard days and need to be held….a lot. A baby carrier can mean the difference between feeling like you’re a human pacifier and feeling like you accomplished things even though your little was struggling.

The world of babywearing can be overwhelming so if you aren’t sure where to start, we have just the option for you. Book a consult with a Certified Babywearing Educator! These absolute angels listen to parents’ lifestyles and help match them with the perfect carrier for them and then teach them how to properly use them. Not sure where to find one? Fun fact: Owner, Haley, is your girl.

Check her out here!

Tulas are generally a pretty good option for beginning babywearers and grow right along with baby as they get bigger. No matter what you choose, this option is sure to be a smash hit.