Supporting C-Sections: Doulas for Cesarean Birth


Cesarean Birth is something that every pregnant person must evaluate. While it’s not ideal for most birth plans, there is a myth that doulas can’t support a C-Section. False! Doulas can be an incredible source of help for any birth outcome, including a C-Section. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience, doulas bring emotional, physical, and educational support to each and every client.

1 Emotional Support

Any surgery can be fraught with worry, stress, and a general sense of uncertainty. This is super normal but especially when faced with a surgery to bring your baby into the world. Not only does this affect your life, it affects the life of your unborn baby! It’s no wonder there’s a huge need for emotional support when your birth plan includes a Cesarean. Often fear comes from the unknown. Your doula knows all about common procedures, options, and exactly what will happen once you embark upon your birth. They’ll walk you and your partner through each and every step beforehand and be there to affirm and support during and after as well.

2 Physical Support

Some hospitals allow doulas into the Operating Room. While in the OR, often your doula will stay with you if your partner needs to leave to go to the NICU with baby. Should you feel cold or unstable, your doula can be there to help keep you warm or even just place a hand on your shoulder. Once your procedure is complete and you’re in recovery, often women find themselves shivering and unable to control it or even nauseated. Your doula is skilled and experienced in helping you through these physical symptoms as well as helping you to nurse your baby as soon as possible if you decide to breastfeed. The stress can also get to your partner, your doula can be there and allow your partner to sit and take a breath after the birth of your new little one!

3 Choices in Childbirth

You may not have seen your birth going this way but that doesn’t mean that through the twists and turns you don’t have options. A doula can help walk you through what choices you can make as well as you journey through. From how and when baby is fed to what music is played during your cesarean, you do have choices! There are things that may be available to you that enhance your birthing experience such as clear drapes, skin-to-skin just after birth, and attempting to breastfeed in the OR.  Your doula will be familiar with your birthplace’s options and can help you pick the best things for you and your family.

Maybe you knew you’d need a C-Section when you got pregnant. Maybe it’s a surprise change you weren’t expecting. Planned or unplanned, your Cesarean birth can be a beautifully supported experience with the skills your doula brings. In addition, they can help you know exactly where in Charlotte is ideal for what you’re hoping to experience during the birth of your baby. Your doula will navigate seamlessly, helping to make for a more smooth and comfortable experience for your family.