Our Favorite Toddler Shows (without Talking Animals)


Team Umizoomi

This cute show features two main characters, Milli and Geo, and a robot named Bot. Together they soar through space and explore math concepts. From counting to simple addition and subtraction, this show is a well done dive into prepping kids to enter preschool by introducing numbers in a fun way.

Little Einsteins

An oldie but a goody, Little Einsteins is based on the ideas behind the Baby Einstein franchise. This show’s main characters are Leo, Annie, June, and Quincy. They fly in their rocket and solve puzzles in each episode. Weaving classical paintings and music into each adventure, this show also introduces concepts like patterns, colors, and shapes.

Sid the Science Kid

In classic Ed Henson style, Sid the Science Kid features human-like characters who are very...well, Muppet-inspired. They are definitely kids and Sid, the lead, loves to explore new scientific questions, theories, and concepts. Touching on a range of subjects, this show is full of fun characters and learning.

Yo Gabba Gabba!

Okay, this show isn’t *technically* talking animals because they’re…..well, we don’t know what they are. But the’re not animals. Yo Gabba Gabba is a brilliantly colored show full of electronic music, emotions, and fun dances. While not educational in a school sense, it touches on everyday skills like sharing, brushing teeth, and getting ready for bed. Plus it features some of our favorite bands. This is one we’ll actually watch too.

Charlie and Lola

The misadventures of Charlie and Lola are somehow soothing and precious as these siblings stumble through life learning together. This UK-based show features soft colors, life lessons, and main characters with British accents. This one’s pretty sweet.