Top 5 Books for New Big Siblings

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Becoming a big sibling can bring a range of emotions from excitement to fear. An incredible way to help kids talk about those things? Books! Read your littles stories of big brothers and big sisters to help them understand and relate to what the characters are going through. We’ve gathered 5 great options for your bedtime stories to add to your library.

1. Lola Reads to Leo by Anna McQuinn :

This sweet book highlights the main character, Lola, and her love of reading. She, of course, wants to introduce that love to her new baby brother. From bringing a soft book to her new brother’s crib to reading him a book in the evening, she thinks being a big sister is the “best gift of all”. This story promotes a love of reading and a love of sharing with the new baby, making it the perfect addition to your library.

2. The New Small Person by Lauren Child :

This story is a very familiar tale for many families. An older sibling and an unwelcome change to their dynamic. Elmore Green takes to calling his new sibling “it” and recounts the tale of how “it” licks his jelly bean collection! The shift from only child to older brother can be a tricky one and this book does a beautiful job of combining a common struggle with beautiful imagery and finally reaching the resolution of a new small person being a friend.

3. Once Upon a Baby Brother by Sarah Sullivan:

Older siblings can have very conflicting thoughts about a new baby joining their family. They have typically been the sole focus of their parents for their whole lives! With that shift comes a new dynamic. Sarah Sullivan tells this story from Lizzie, a celebrated and gifted storyteller’s perspective. It’s a sweet and helpful way to introduce the concept of a baby to a sibling who might be old enough to understand just what’s going on.

4. Outside Over There by Maurice Sendak :

A strange fantasy tale, this book is one full of differing emotions from love to resentment. When goblins steal Ida’s baby sister to make her a goblin bride, Ida must go “outside over there” to get her back. This may seem a weird addition to this list but everything that a new sibling goes through, emotion-wise.

5. Ish by Peter H Reynolds :

This book makes the list for the middle siblings. A story about Ramon and his love of drawing, his hopes, dreams, and joy are all dashed in a split second by a comment made by his older brother. When he realizes his art isn’t perfect, he plans to destroy it all until his younger sister steps in and helps him see that art doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be “-ish”. This story highlights both the importance of celebrating imperfections and the bond between siblings.