It's Time: Foods that (Maybe) Induce Labor

You’ve reached it. 38 Weeks. Technically full-term.

And you’re mis-er-a-ble.

You’re also probably hungry.


What to do when you’re waiting for baby and hungry? Try some foods that allegedly induce induction, of course.

Let’s serve that baby an eviction notice with these 4 super delicious and possibly-labor-inducing foods!

Pineapple II.jpg

1. Pineapple

Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which is supposedly responsible for sending people into labor. Ideally eat it fresh, but canned works too if it’s too cold for Pineapple season!

BONUS: you can make a tea out of the rind that extracts the Bromelain as well. (If you prefer organics, definitely do so here so your tea doesn’t end up with non-organic pesticides in it.)


2 Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea is actually very helpful all through pregnancy for toning the Uterus. It can bring on contractions so make sure that’s okay with your provider (it usually is in low-risk pregnancies). Generally speaking, if you’re able to have sex, you’re able to have this tea.

Try brewing double strength (two tea bags or two tablespoons of loose tea per 8 oz of water), sweeten it with a bit of honey, and keep it in the fridge for a refreshing possible way to help bring labor on.


3 Basil & Oregano

It’s not known why but these herbs are supposed to be miracle workers when it comes to getting baby out the natural way. For this reason, many pregnant women have turned to Eggplant Parmesan to induce labor. Honestly, this one’s worth a shot because yum. (Here’s a simple baked version!)


4 Spicy Foods

Spicy foods have long been a standby for moms who have HAD IT with being pregnant and want to get the show on the road. While there isn’t a lot of science behind it, it’s thought to induce a laxative effect that stimulates the uterus to contract.

Lucky for us here in Charlotte, we can pop over to Hawthorne Pizza and try the nationally-known spicy pizza dubbed “The Inducer”. A buffalo chicken pizza featured on Food & Wine, Fox News, and even Live! With Kelly Ripa, this pizza has reported magic in it that helps mothers who eat it go into labor.

No matter what you’re craving you can likely find something delicious that may, in fact, get that baby to make their appearance. Regardless, you may as well have some fun trying, right?