The Village: Building a Mom Group Who Shares in Your Struggles


We used to live in villages. Nuclear families living in separate houses is actually a pretty modern idea. In these villages, veteran mothers and new mothers convened and shared mutual experiences. They talked about how difficult breastfeeding was or how frustrated they were that their baby wouldn’t sleep. They sought advice on how to deal with terrible twos and swapped stories of how hard it is to have sex when a toddler is busting down your door every two minutes.

Our modern framework for families has often left new mothers isolated, lonely, and without anyone to talk to. That’s why we’re pushing to bring back the village mentality and bring together moms. There is nothing quite like meeting someone who can relate to your experience. That’s why Mom bloggers are so popular! It makes you feel less alone when you know what you’re going through is common and even normal. Where can you meet moms?

MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers is a great resource. Find your local MOPS group to connect with moms who have children around the same age as yours. Laugh, cry, and recount the stories of your latest blowout diaper or how you wore two different shoes to Target without judgment. Man it feels good to hear, “Oh, I’ve done that too!”

Blossom Tree Wellness brings together a group of moms on the first and third Friday of the month. Named “Meet the Village” (apt!) this group aims to bring support together for moms and impact the levels of Postpartum Depression among locals. Understanding that mothers often receive support before their babies are born but struggle to find it during the “fourth trimester” (after baby is born), bring your little and yourself for some fun and connection. Find more information about Blossom Tree Wellness here.

Unable to get your little one out? Even virtual support can be incredible for your mental health. Find a local moms group on Facebook (or create your own!) and get active! While these groups can sometimes be a wealth of drama, good ones will have admins who know how to squash that and keep things positive. Look for like-minded groups on Facebook that aren’t local to you. You may meet some of your closest friends that way!

Sometimes meeting groups of people can be overwhelming. A great idea is to invite a friend to come with you so you feel a bit more comfortable. Not okay with groups? Just invite over a mom! Some of the best friendships have come from someone reaching out and suggesting a playdate. Get your little one together with someone their age and talk it out with their mom.

Feelings of isolation run rampant in modern motherhood and there is no replacement for connecting with someone who shares in your joys or your pains. Walking through motherhood doesn’t have to be lonely. Connect with moms just like you locally and experience the magic of those three small words…

“Shit, me too!”