Your Day With a Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Day Doula.jpg

“Good morning!”

“Good morning, how was your weekend?”

It’s Monday morning and your brand new baby has come home. You’ve been up what seems like every two hours feeding them and getting them back to sleep. Birth has, as it usually does, taken a toll on you, and you’re feeling the pressure of getting back to “normal”.

But it’s not normal.

Your Postpartum Doula knows this and soon you will too.

Settling into the new normal can often be a challenge for parents. As much as people wax poetic about what happens before and during the birth of your baby, it seems few talk about what happens when your baby comes home.

No worries. You’ve come prepared.

A day with a Postpartum Doula is a day with far fewer worries, far fewer stressors, and far more relaxation.

Your Doula, for example, might walk in and know right of the bat what needs to be done. They’ll usually run through the “normal” list of what might need attention.

Are there dishes in the sink? Is there laundry in the hamper? Are there bottles or pumped parts that need to be washed? Has everyone had something to eat?

A skilled Postpartum Doula will walk through these general touch points and be able to quickly assess and address anything that needs attention.

“Let me fill that water for you,” she may say, as you hold your baby in bed, “Is there a snack I can get you while I’m there?”

She’ll pop into the kitchen to grab whatever is needed, return and you’ll chat a bit. Maybe about your birth, maybe about how your baby is doing, maybe about how you’re feeling.


Your doula is sort of like your fill-in for the day-to-day housework and baby care that you may need a break from to rest. Our goal? To make sure your family eases into your new normal as peacefully as possible. That may include laundry, dishes, washing bottles, folding baby laundry, grabbing you a snack, or just holding your newborn while you take a shower for as long as you need.

“See you tomorrow!”

You’ve completed your first shift with your doula and, honestly, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Investing in Postpartum Support is investing in your health and sanity and it’s a beautiful gift to yourself and your family.

Enjoy your folded laundry. We’ll see you tomorrow.