Top 5 Local Female Entrepreneurs


Top 5 Lady Bosses in Charlotte, North Carolina

Behind every great business you are bound to see a very powerful and empowered woman crushing it. These days more and more women are stepping out and changing how we view the small business world.

These inspiring women have found a way to balance their family along with their growing careers. What's more amazing is, they are doing what they love.

Here is a list of Uptown Doula's Top 5 women-owned business located in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina!

Carrie Lynn Photography

Children grow up fast! One moment you are bringing your baby home from the hospital, and probably saying to yourself, “now what?” and the next moment you are dropping them off at the front doors of elementary school. It’s no surprise kids grow and as a parent you want to capture every precious moment. Carrie Pfister knows this all too well and created Carrie Lynn Photography soon after the birth of her first child. Fast forward six years and two children later, Carrie continues to impress us through the art of storytelling and documenting life through her amazing gift of photography. Her inspiration comes from her three small children and she believes, “the best photographs taken are those that trigger and emotional response and that’s what she strives to deliver to all her clients.” Those special moments are the moments you can look back on and remember forever.

Carrie does it all, from newborn photography all the way to high school graduation pictures and beyond. She will even come into your home and capture real life family moments or take you to a unique spot of her own where she combines the beauty of your family with the beauty of the outdoors.

Check out Carrie's amazing work on Facebook & Instagram!


Bucket List Tummy

The human body is amazing and should be treated as something truly incredible, however, in order to help it grow and go, it needs to be fueled with the right stuff. Meet Sarah, Registered Dietitian, marathon runner, local foodie, healthy recipe creator and founder of Bucket List Tummy. Sarah has a passion for helping her clients find a balance with eating the right food and living a healthy lifestyle. Not only does Sarah help point you in the right direction, but she also works in wellness and nutrition counseling and even offers a FREE 15-minute phone consultation before working together.

“Life is good and food is a part of that.” Sarah aims to decrease the food guilt many of us have and educate the community on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

You can find her on Bucket List Tummy where she shares her daily eats, workouts and nutrition tips along with many healthy recipes you and your entire family can enjoy. Sign up for her month newsletter and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Essentially Susan

Essential oils have gained so much popularity over the last decade and have been the center of attention in many homes around the world. People are learning more and more about healthy living and how to rid their homes of toxins and replace them with healthier, more natural alternatives. Got a cold and need a natural remedy? There’s an oil for that. There’s an oil for just about everything and with that, so much to learn.

Susan is a loving wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is also an independent wellness advocate for doTERRA and eager to share with you all she knows about essential oils. She’ll even meet with clients for coffee and bring her oils with her so you both can “Sip & Sniff.”

Got kids and looking for information about essential oils? There’s a class for that. Join Susan this Thursday, June 28th where she will happily discuss everything you want to know about Essential Oils with Little Ones.

You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Elizabeth Alvarez Salon

Located in beautiful Denver, North Carolina, Elizabeth Alvarez Salon is exactly what you need when your hair needs a change of pace or a little TLC. From hair color change, to dramatic hair styles, to a simple blowout, Elizabeth can get you looking your best in no time.

Don’t take it from us, check out her gorgeous work on Facebook


Cake Couture

You’re planning your child’s birthday party. You have the theme picked, venue has been selected, gifts have been purchased, invitations have been mailed but you forgot one small detail… The CAKE!  Oh no! Not to worry. Melissa, the proud owner of Cake Couture has you covered. Whether you are needing gluten free, dairy free, nut free or vegan, no cake is too big or too small.

Melissa can also customize any cake for any occasion. From Disney to Game of Thrones, she can do it! Cake Couture has even created a Starbucks themed cake for Teacher Appreciation Day. Thanks a latte (I’m a sucker for puns)!

You can find Melissa along with all her beautiful hand-crafted work on Facebook and Instagram.