Your Birth Playlist! Music is a Labor Of Love!


It’s you third trimester and the countdown to the big day is… well… getting close. All of the boxes are steadily getting checked off on your Before Baby Comes Must Do List. You have even packed your hospital bag.  But you are forgetting something. You forgot to make your Birth Playlist. Think about it, how many times have you needed to get rid of all the feels …. so, you blasted “that song” in your car. Or, “that song” that you hear and no matter what you catch yourself dancing.  And we won’t even talk about “that song”, you know your guilty pleasure song, the one that puts a smile on your face on even the grayest day.

A Labor Playlist may even ease your delivery.

NO! We are not kidding. Music makes everything better! Your Birth Playlist is a real thing, Even Spotify has created one.  Singing requires breathing, a key component to laboring. So what better way to bare down then during one of your favorite choruses. There is actually a rhythm to labor some artists have even created music specifically for it like The Rhythm Within. It is proven.

So why not prep a playlist for one of the most incredible experiences of your life, it might even help?

Here are our Top 10 to get you started… then the rest is up to you…

  1. Capri – Colbie Caillet
  2. Better Together – Jack Johnson
  3. Warmth - Incubus
  4. Dog Days Are Over – Florence & The Machine
  5. To Make You Feel My Love – Adele
  6. Colorblind – Counting Crows
  7. Oceans (here Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United
  8. I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
  9. Home – Phillip Phillips
  10. Brave – Sara Bareilles

We have so many more incredible song suggestions that are sure to have you laboring and listening to music you love.

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