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—  the how, when, and why —


childbirth education for modern families


The How, When & Why Childbirth Education Series is a comprehensive, evidence-based class that is intended for you and your partner to have a better understanding of birth and prepare you for anything that could happen in the labor room. Get REAL LIFE , judgement free, and unbiased information that will empower and inspire you to birth they way you intend and to help you make the best and informed decisions for you and your family. What makes our childbirth education series so unique is  throughout our class each topic will be broken down in three simple questions:

How? When? & Why?


How is that

The “How” of our class takes you through how the labor process works, what it looks like, and how it may make you feel. By the end of our class you will be able to know how to time your contractions, how the position of your baby effects birth, how the uterus, pelvis and baby work together during childbirth, how the cervix changes during labor, how to know when your water breaks, how to know when labor begins, and much more!

When would I need that?

Birth as we know is totally unpredictable and you want to be ready for what may come your way. The “When” of our class walks you through when everything happens. When you leave our class you will be confident in knowing when to go to the hospital,  when active labor begins, when you’ll lose your mucus plug, when your cervix changes, when to time contractions. We don’t leave anything out. 

Why would I need that?

Now that you are familiar with the “How” and “When”, lets go over the biggest question which is, “Why.” Why all the discomfort during pregnancy? Why do babies change positions during labor? Why would my doctor want to break my water during labor? Why are there so many prenatal tests? Why do contractions need to be close together? Why would I need to time my contractions? We cover so much during your class and promise you will be prepared when the big day arrives.

What You Will Learn


Birth Partner Communication
Hopes, Wishes & A Written Plan
Packing Your Birth Bag
Nutrition & Weight Gain
Common Prenatal Testing of the 2nd & 3rd Trimester
Anatomy of Labor & Birth
Squeeze, Squat, Squirm – The GPS of Birth
Fetal Position

The Labor Process
The Three Stages of Labor
Trial of Labor and VBAC
Non-Medical Pain Relief & Comfort Measures
Medical Pain Relief
Positions for Labor & Birth
The Welcoming Hour